146.52 calling frequency need some use!

Posted by James Viars on

As many of you know, I made a trip out to Montana a few weeks ago for an overland rally and to teach a class in Mobile Communication basics.

I had two primary radios with me: A 2 meter mobile (50 watts) and a CB.

On my bumper I had made a vinyl graphic that stated N4EGA and 146.52.

Additionally, about every 30 minutes (more frequently though cities) I would put out my call several times and ask for a reply.

Only twice during the 2000 mile one way trip did I get a response.

My CB was by far more active.

So what am I bitching about? After the class I gave, I had a couple of hams asking me about my thoughts about the calling freq in regards to establishing a qso and then moving off.

For as long as I have been active in ham radio, I told them as I have always said "BS".

Since '93 I have never heard a qso on .52 last long enough to be an issue. For a traveler, hearing a qso on "the calling freq" means you know there are at least two hams talking and you can jump in a talk as well.

I used to have a buddy here in Knoxville that I would talk with a few nights a week on .52. I live next to two major interstates and had several hams jump at the chance to talk with us, even for just a few minutes! It was always fun.

One more than one occasion, someone would break in and tell us to move freqs as .52 was the calling freq by law, which is utter nonsense.

Guys and Girls, I'm pleading with you: Make 146.52 part of you channel list. Use it. Talk on it. Don't just call your buddy and slide down a few hz. Let others know that you are talking and willing to talk to mobiles passing though. If some OF tells you to move off freq, ignore them and keep the QSO going. A passerby will be delighted to chat!

Rant off

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