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Travel & Explore

Posted by James Viars on

Travel has many different meaning. Ask 99 people what travel means and you will get 100 definitions. Some travel for adventure. Others to escape the modern world. Vacation is a form of travel for a great deal of people as well.

Truth is, we all travel. Whether it’s for work or play, traveling is something that we all just do. Engrained within our DNA is a desire to get out and explore our surroundings. At the moment our ancestors began migrating from wherever we originated, our need for a new backdrop to our lives was cemented. As soon as a child has the ability to crawl, this inherent trait blossoms in front of their parents eyes. Traveling across the floor in order to visit a previously unseen room, we now have seen, for our first time, something new.

We see it even stronger in our teenage selves when we finally obtain our driver’s license and travel to places our parents would not go. Our excitement is only squelched by curfews and gas money. While we reluctantly drive back home, our minds still wonder.

Still later in life, beyond the constraints of parental guidance and perhaps a few more dollars in our pocket, we have now positioned ourselves with the ability to just go. Go West! Or east, north or south! Our minds never stopped wondering about wandering. Seeking danger? Excitement? Some place exotic? Who know, who cares; just go! Follow your heart. Follow logic. Follow that Jeep!

Staying rooted is for trees. Humans migrated to nearly every corner of Earth. We have explored the Moon, and are now closing in on Mars. How exciting! A rolling stone gathers no moss. A rolling tire takes you to your destination.

Why do you want to travel when you have all you need right here? Why do you breath with your nose when your mouth will do? Because, that’s why. I can order everything from amazon that I could possibly need to live the rest of my life without ever leaving the house again. You can drive down the road, if you dare, to maybe get a fresh scoop of ice-cream. But why limit yourself? Why not try that ice cream cone a few cities over? Don’t limit your imagination.

Why travel? For me it’s simple. I travel, because it is not here. It is someplace else. Granted, I can see virtually everything I want from the safety of my computer. But, as with Rene Magritte’s The Treachery of Images (aka This Is Not a Pipe), visualizations do not satisfy as they are merely representations of the real. Think of all the vacation pictures you had to endure looking at. Remember how boring it was/is? Seeing is believing. That’s why you travel!

Perhaps many of you reading Axles and Antennas can relate. Like a pot of water, the ability to boil over is there, as long as 1) the heat is actually turned on, 2) the water has not evaporated. Is your heat on? Are you so lifeless your ancestral ability to travel has evaporated?

No? Good, now go! Travel to that place you wanted to all your life and everyone told you, “no”. Look at a place on a map and wonder what is there. Or better yet, drive until you are lost and then talk to a local. This is exploration, even in our modern times.

Do not become covered in moss. Do not take root and become simply old. Wear yourself out. Become tired so that you may sleep peacefully. Wake up eager to see what lies beyond the next mile.  Go!