Personalized Gift Certificate

Regular price $10.00

Want that special amateur radio operator in your life to have a customized ham radio map? But what kind of map should you get that ham?

It's easy! Let him or her choose after you give them a special gift certificate valued from $10 to $50 in five dollar increments.

Just choose the amount you want and you will receive a gift certificate to present to your favorite ham.

The gift certificate will come with the ham radio operators call sign as the special code used to redeem the full amount. Just enter the call sign into the Notes section during checkout. If you do not know the call sign, simply contact us and we can use our database access to find it for you!

As an added bonus, all gift certificates come with a free 19x13 US call sign district map to present as well!

If you would like a different amount, please contact us directly at