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Sack Stove Jr

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Sack Stove Jr.

Whether camping out of a station wagon or full blown Overlanding vehicle, space is always a consideration. With the Sack Stove Jr., you will never have to leave your wood or charcoal stove at home.

A scaled down version of the Sack Stove, the Sack Stove Jr. sits at 9 inches tall, 7 inches wide (from outer tabs) and packs up to just under 1/2 inch. With the included waxed canvas sack, the total pack weight is 4 lbs 11 oz.

Sack Stove Jr. is a truly versatile camping stove. Not only can you use traditional charcoal or wood, other fuel types can be used such as Sterno. You will also be able to use the Sack Stove Jr as a wind block or wind break for single burner stoves as well!

Key Features:

Sack Stove Jr. is Made in the USA!

14 gauge CNC Plasma cut steel

9 inches tall

7 inches wide (tab to tab)

Less than 1/2 inch thick when disassembled

4 pounds 11 ounces with included sack

Storage sack is waxed canvas and custom made by Axles And Antennas as well!

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