Killer Target V1

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Near lifesize target to reinforce carbine and handgun drills and practice. 

Target instructs dryfire drill or live ammo for 

  • Immediate Action (Slap Rack Bang)
  • Magazine reloads
  • Bringing carbine up to ready
  • Conceal and Holster Draws
  • Left and right hand transitions
  • Carbine to Handgun transitions

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This target prints at 24x36 inches, also known as ArchD

Want it printed? Order it on either regular paper if you want to hang it inside. Or DuPont Tyvek if you want to leave it outdoors for your dry fire practice. DuPont info here.

Paper Killer Target V1 - $3.00 

Tyvek Killer Target V1 - $10.00 (Great for leaving outdoors!)

Shipping is flat rate $5.00