North Cumberland WMA - Sundquist OHV

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North Cumberland WMA - Sundquist OHV

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Full color trail map for the North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area, Sundquist Unit, also known as Royal Blue. This is for the OHV area East of Interstate 75.

Easier to read than the current TWRA Map (found here for free) and won't break like your GPS!

Paper Selections:

1 : 40,000 Scale

29x24 inches. (29 inches wide x 24 inches tall)

WGS84 constructed coordinates on margins in Degree, Minute, Second format to easily use with nearly all modern GPS systems.

Magnetic Declination.

Map features:

All known ATV & Vehicle trail

Trail numbers, names, and distance in miles.

Trails are color coded for vehicle type and difficulty rating, as provided by the TWRA.

USGS topographic information such as elevation contours, lakes, streams, and other roads.

We are working quickly to add more TWRA units and "should" be ready before the 2020 hunting season. If you need a map sooner, send us an email in our contact section and we will get on it at no extra charge.


All data courtesy of:
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA)
United States Geological Survey (USGS)
Axles And Antennas, LLC

This map is not a legal document. Boundaries may
be generalized for this map scale. Private lands within
TWRA WMA borders may not be shown. Obtain
permission before entering private lands. Check local
conditions prior to use.

Axles And Antennas, LLC claims no endorsement or
affiliation from either the TWRA or USGS.

Not all roads, trails, and other features may be present.
Use caution when traveling. Axles And Antennas, llc shall
not be held liable for map inaccuracies.