DuPont Tyvek Ultimate Durability

As most of you know, maps made of conventional paper are limited in use while in extreme environments. High humidity, rain, snow, and wind can quickly shorten the life span of any map that has not been properly weather proofed.

Whether (Weather, HA!) you are a ham radio operator on a DXpedition / Field Day,  an outdoor enthusiast enjoying an Overland adventure, or a back country camper needing a reliable paper map, DuPont Tyvek will stand up to just about any abuse you toss its' way.

With DuPont Tyvek paper, outside usage is no longer as much of a concern. The Tyvek option will be printed on 11 mil paper which is about the same thickness of a few sheets of standard writing paper.

While your new Tyvek map will stand up to the elements better than standard paper, it is still suggested that you not use it direct rain or snow. A little water spill is harmless, but hours of driving rain may cause some problems.

Here are some highlights from the Axles And Antennas Tyvek supplier:

  • Made in the USA
  • 11 mil
  • Compatible with water-based inks
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Highly water resistant surface
  • Durable and scratch resistant
  • Easy to tape, stitch or add grommets for hanging
  • Produces brilliant graphics
  • Lightweight
  • Unaffected by temperature extremes
  • Tear resistant (however, if you cut it with a knife, it will tear easily)
  • Recyclable

I personally have used Tyvek maps in the Marines as part of my evade and escape kit. I was issued a map during a deployment for the Bosnia & Herzegovina war and later while deployed to Haiti. The maps held up under very wet and harsh conditions. One friend of mine was fond of using his map as a seat so as not to get his trousers dirty. His map never tore after all those times. I still have my maps and they look almost as good as the day I received them.


Here are some pictures of some testing I conducted after a 24 hour curing time of the Tyvek Maps. All pictures were taken with an iPhone 6 and have only been edited for size.


Before abuse.
My size 10's standing on the maps in my embarrassingly muddy yard!
Nice and sloppy. Perhaps more so than you would encounter outdoors.
Time for the hose! Don't scrub, just hose.
And done! Still has some ground in mud stains.
Good as new? Not quite. But, it is still usable. Normal paper would have been pulp by now.
Best to let your map air dry. If you need to speed up the process, just blot the map with a towel. Don't rub the paper as it may smudge.
I really pressed hard on the map when I was doing this to see what the limits were. Some of the mud stayed on, but no big deal. Just blot and air dry in the sun.