CQmaps Releases Two New Australia Maps & Half Price Shipping to Australia until Oct 31

Shipping problems?

Axles And Antennas primarily ships via the United States Postal Service. About 99.9% of the time, the USPS does an excellent job of delivering you map or product without any drama.

But, mistakes do happen. Not to worry as Axles And Antennas will replace your map free of charge if your order is damaged or lost in transit.

Simply go to our contact page and submit a message. In the event of a damaged item, I will request a photo of the map. This is to send to the USPS for evidence of damage.

For a lost package, I typically wait about a week to see if it shows up. In this day and age, a week to wait for a missing package feels like forever and I know! But nearly every one of our lost packages in the past have showed up within a week.

Contact page here.