USGS Topo Map Selection

On this page, you will find the instructions need to find the USGS Topographical Quadrangle Map(s) that you want printed and enter the correct information in the Special Instructions for Seller section of your checkout at


If for any reason you become stuck (it happens!) please don't hesitate to send an email and we will get in touch with you quickly either by email or telephone if you desire.


Keep in mind that is not in anyway affiliated with the website and we are only offering a printing service. You are more than welcome to download and print any of these maps for free! The USGS has continued to prove that this is one wheel that does not need to be reinvented and therefore I see no reason to try and improve upon these types of maps.


However, if you choose to have Axles And Antennas print your map in one of our three options, we are very much in appreciation for your business. At a modest cost, you are simply being billed for material for printing, shipping costs (included in the price), and the minimal amount of labor it takes me to hit print.


Click on this link to open a new window or tab to the map selection tool


There are a few different ways to navigate to the map or maps that you want printed.


On the menu bar, type in the location that you are interested in (1). Keep in mind that many of the maps will have a name that you may not be familiar with. This was done in order to keep from having multiple maps having the same name. You can also zoom into the area you are looking for (2).


There is a check box called "Map Indices" that you will need to check (3). At the correct level of zoom, you will see that the 7.5 minute radial button is also selected (4). At this point, you should see grids covering the map view of the screen. All of the grids will contain the appropriate map name.


If you called out the correct name of the map, you will see a little blue tear drop icon (upside down) with an info box. This will allow you to see the maps available for this icon. The other method (I think is easiest) is to select on the left side of the map screen the little dark square (5). This will allow you to choose one map grid or several (some larger areas are cut up and you may require all several maps for your needs).

Once your have selected your maps, navigate to the left side of the screen and select the Find Products button (6). This will show you an Available Products menu. Click the button that has a shopping cart, plus sign and the word Page (7). This will choose all your loaded maps or just the one you need.

Now select the View Cart blue button (8). This will take you to the down load page.

At the upper left, click Export URLs to Text (9). On on a Windows computer, this will give you the option to open in Notepad. On a Mac, your text will be saved to a note page. You will need to recover it from downloads.

You will then see a URL. This is the URL that you will need to add to the notes section during check out. This is very important. Axles And Antennas cannot print your maps without these URL. Each URL is for one map grid. If you have multiple maps selected, you will need to send each map URL.

You are finished!

If for any reason you are having issues, please contact immediately Monday through Friday 8 – 5 EST.

You will receive either an email or phone call within the hour. Weekends may be a little delayed, but I won't leave you hanging!