5.56 BDC

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5.56 BDC targets

Sold in packs of 5

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Size is 24 inches tall x 36 inches wide

Select M193, M855, with more to come

BDC from 100 to 400 yards in 50 yard increments.

Select MIL or MOA type target

Useful for shooters who are limited in range distances.

Easy and intuitive to use. Click here for more detailed instructions about use and BDC formula.

Zero at 100 Yards. Adjust elevation. Hold Point of Aim at 100 yard zero. Point of Impact (POI) will show at indicated adjustments.

Perfect for zeroing at short distance and having confidence for shots up to 400 yards.

Cold Bore Shot - To start session

Zero Check - To end session

The BDC target is designed and calibrated for a 100 yard zero. However, any distance can be used. Just make sure to account for range changes.

Need a target for a custom load? Email us at info@tristartargets.com

Made in Tennessee