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Callsign & Gridsquare Decal

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Call sign and Maidenhead Grid Square custom decal.

Perfect for your vehicle. Each decal is approximately 8 3/4 inches long and 3.5 inches tall

When traveling around, it's nice to have other hams reach out to you.

All decals are custom cut with your Call Sign and 6 digit Maidenhead / Grid Square locator.

(not sure what all the fuss about Maidenhead? Check it out here)

These are no ordinary stickers! Your decal will be cut from our stock of premium 3M 1080 vinyl. This is the same vinyl that you see being applied to cars in large sheets. It is a long life vinyl and is resistant to UV fading and normal car washing.

Colors are offered in matte black or matte white and printed with the classic stencil font. Great for any light or dark colored vehicle. Simply choose your color in the drop down menu option.

Your Grid Square / Maidenhead will be pulled from If you want a different gridsquare or the one listed on is incorrect,please type in your gridsquare  during check out in the “notes” section.

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Price is $6.00 with free shipping.