Canada Maidenhead Gridsquare Locator Map (19x13)

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Maidenhead map of Canada.

Maps feature clear boundaries and coast lines. All territories are clearly annotated and include the specific call sign district.

Provinces are colored according to colors found on each representative flag.

Each map contains within legend the national capital, province capitals , and their 4 digit Maidenhead Gridsquare coordinate.

Personalized title block will contain your call sign, full name, Maidenhead Locator, Latitude & Longitude, and Time zone with UTC offset.

Available on Heavyweight Paper with or without lamination.

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Click on "Call Sign & QTH Information" and enter your Call Sign in your Cart. Additionally, if your QTH location information is not current on, please indicate your correct coordinates. Also enter your call sign into the Call Sign field for for your shipping address.

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