New Custom Latitude / Longitude & Elevation Decals

Coordinate Decal

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Custom Coordinate & Elevation decal.

Perfect for your vehicle, camper, cooler, or water bottle!

We have all seen those cool decals and stickers calling out the coordinates in latitude and longitude. Each city city seems to have their own. But what about YOUR coordinates? Wouldn't you rather represent your own little spot in the world?

With the Custom Coordinate & Elevation Decals, you can let everyone know exactly where you are from and just how high, or low, you are!

Do you have a favorite spot or would rather just not have a pin point on your house? No problem! Any coordinate on Earth we can cut out for you. Grand Canyon? Check! Moab? Check! Some deep and dark spooky valley? Ok, yeah, we will do that one too (just don't leave us there).

During checkout, let us know where you want for Lat/Long and Elevation. If you are unsure, drop us an email at and we will be happy to help. If you want it at your house, just note that in the comments section.

We pull elevation and coordinate data from Google Earth. With more than 14 years of professional experience in the mapping industry, I can say that it is reliably accurate. So unless you have a very specific coordinate for your home, your shipping address will be more than enough.

And best of all, these are no ordinary stickers! Your decal will be cut from our stock of premium 3M 1080 vinyl. This is the same vinyl that you see being applied to cars in large sheets. It is a long life vinyl and is resistant to UV fading and normal car washing.

Colors are offered in matte black or matte white. Great for any light or dark colored vehicle. Simply choose your color in the drop down menu option.

Sizes include

Large (approximately 7 x 3 1/4 inches) $7 or

Small ( approximately 4 x 2 inches) $5

Prices include shipping