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Jeep Wrangler MOLLE Window Storage Rack

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New for the Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited, the MOLLE Window Storage Rack.

All Jeep owners know that storage space is limited in their Wrangler JK Unlimited. Small items like first aid kits and rolled up blankets seem to always be in the way. Now with the MOLLE Window Storage Rack by Axles And Antennas, your small equipment can be easily managed using the near limitless MOLLE system.

MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) storage bags come in any number of sizes and shapes. With the one and only MOLLE Window Storage Rack, you can now maximize your storage volume by storing small items in a vertical setting. By placing items "up" instead of across the bottom of your Wrangler, you not only save space, but you wont have to dig for small items buried inside of storage cases. 

Each MOLLE WIndow Storage Rack also features two "T Tabs" that allow you to wrap small diameter rope around it, such as the ever popular 550 / Parachute cord.

The MOLLE Window Storage Rack comes in two versions:

MOD 1 - A slightly modified system of MOLLE that is twice as long as standard MOLLE. This allows for easier attachments of not only standardized MOLLE equipment, but supplemental straps and bungee cords as well.

MOD 2 - A further modified system that incorporates as net work of "C" openings to allow very quick and easy attachment of ropes and straps. 

Your MOLLE Window Storage Rack's is available for either the passenger side or driver side and mostly use pre-existing hardware to mount. Each Storage Rack is precision manufactured from 14 gauge steel using a CNC Plasma cutter in Powell, Tennessee.  All racks are then powder coated in black wrinkle coat.

Perfect for not only 4x4 off roading, but all your overland travel and overlanding expedition needs.

Coming soon - MOLLE Window Storage Rack for standard two door Wrangler JK.

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