Mt. Hood National Forest

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Mt. Hood National Forest Ranger Districts

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Choose from:

  • Barlow Ranger District
  • Clackamas River Ranger District (Eastern or Western Sections)
  • Hood River Ranger District
  • Zigzag Ranger District

Paper Selections:

1:100,000 Scale

36x24 inches. Please note, maps will be orientated in either portrait (Tall) or landscape (Wide), depending on size and shape of the Ranger District.

WGS84 constructed coordinates on margins in Degree, Minute, Second format to easily use with nearly all modern GPS systems.

Magnetic Declination for each map area.


Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) routes in easy to read designations.

Other Roads and trails within the National Forest boundaries.

Forest System Road closures & gates.

Various Campgrounds ( for conditions).

Topographic and geographic data (elevation, lakes, rivers, streams, etc) along with selected names.

Surrounding Ranger District Boundaries.

Wilderness Areas.

Each map covers approximately 1750 square miles and is roughly 35 miles x 50 miles (depending on landscape or portrait orientation).

Some Ranger Districts may be split into two or more sections. This split, and the corresponding name (Eastern/Western or Northern/Southern) is not recognized by the National Forest Service. This is simply to allow as much area of the Ranger District to appear on the map will also keeping the same 1:100,000 scale. Furthermore, each split allow for a generous amount of overlap so that there is no need to have line up margins (such as often found on USGS/USFS Topo Maps).


We are working quickly to add more National Forests/Ranger Districts to our catalogue. If you are looking for a map we have not added to the list yet, email us and we will work it without extra charge.