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Trail Rated Eagle Globe Anchor

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Hey Devil Dogs! Own a Jeep and want to really make a statement, minus the colorful language we all know and love? How about combining your Trail Rated badge with our beloved Eagle, Globe, and Anchor!

New and only from Axles And Antennas, these unique 3M vinyl cut Eagle, Globe, and Anchors will add some United States Marine Corps heritage to the storied history of any Jeep you own.

Each machine cut vinyl decal will come with the Eagle and Anchor and a decal for placement of the Trail Rated badge for substitution of the Globe.

Decals are currently only available in black.

Decals are approximately 5 inches wide and 5 1/4 inches tall.

Decals are cut from premium 3m 1080 vinyl, the same stuff you see on car wraps. This is not some lesser quality sticker that will self destruct in a few months.


Please note a few things:

  • You will NOT receive a Trail Rated badge with your shipment.
  • You will most likely have to remove your Trail Rated badge and place it in an area on your fender that will allow for the full size decal to be fixed to the surface. ( On my 2018 JK, I moved the Trail Rated badge down about 7 inches)

Axles And Antennas is not responsible for you destroying your paint, fender, or Trail Rated badge while removing. Don't be stupid. Take your time and do it right.

Free shipping!

Semper Fi!



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