VeeMOA Target

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VeeMOA Target

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Size is 36 inches wide x 24 inches tall

For use with Minute of Angle / MOA type rifle scopes.

Enables shooter to practice the use of elevation and windage turrets at 100 yards in order to simulate distance and wind changes.

Easy and intuitive to use. Click here for more detailed instructions.

Dial elevation & windage changes, hold on bottom target as Point of Aim (POA). Point of Impact (POI) will show at indicated adjustments.

Can also be used in with "Kentucky windage" by placing mil-dots of appropriate values on POA. This is to simulate hold over values for quicker distance and windage changes.

Cold Bore Shot - To start session

Zero Check - To end session

The VeeMOA target is designed and calibrated for a 100 yard zero. However, any distance can be used. Just make sure to account for range changes.

Made in Tennessee