New Callsign & Calling Frequency Custom Vinyl Decals

Happy Holidays!

With the holidays just around the corner, Axles And Antennas has the perfect assortment of custom amateur radio items for any ham in your life. Not only can you choose a map that features your friends or loved ones Name and Callsign, our most expensive item is only $45 with free shipping! As a bonus, all items purchased between now and Christmas will receive an additional free 19x13 US Call Sign District map.

Call Sign & Calling Frequency Decals

When traveling around, it's nice to have other hams reach out to you. Why not show them your Call Sign and that you are on 146.520 MHz, the national  2 meter simplex calling frequency. And don't just settle for a "sticker," go with our new 3m 1080 Vinyl decals featuring your call sign and calling frequency.


Axles And Antennas hears lots of people talk about how prices always increase: Cars, electronics, and of course, fuel. Well, not at Axles And Antennas! We understand that everyone wants good products at good prices. With that in mind, nearly all products offered at have been PERMANENTLY reduced in price by about 15%! For the 36x24 inch maps, that's about $5 and about $3 for the 19x13. On top of that, you will receive a free 19x13 US Call Sign district map with any purchase! All prices include shipping and no taxes.

New Maps for Australia

CQmaps is very excited to announce two brand new maps for immediate shipping! Amateur Radio operators in Australia will be pleased to know that they can now purchase a custom Maidenhead Gridsquare map or Call District map. For 36x24 click here and for 19x13 click here

Until October 31st, all Australian shipping fees are just $5.00