Go-Bag FCC Amateur Radio License on Tyvek

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Several states in the US require a copy of your FCC Amateur Radio license to be in your vehicle due to laws governing radio use. Many hams already carry a copy with them, but paper has a tendency to degrade after a while. Even worse, paper copies inside your ham radio Go-Bag / Go-Kit are subject to inclement weather and the wear & tear of hard objects pressing against the paper.

Axles And Antennas is now shipping the FCC "Reference Copy" available on the FCC ULS site. With your callsign, Axles And Antennas will print this Reference copy on DuPont Tyvek that will withstand the elements!

See here for more info regarding Tyvek.

Perfect for ham radio Emergency Communications, EMCOMM, Amateur Radio emergency service, ARES, Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service, RACES, and Skywarn Storm Chasers.

Please note: 1)  Unless you provide a different copy via .pdf, you license will print with "Reference Copy" diagonal across the page. 2) You will only receive the first page as it is the important part. 3) Free Shipping in an envelope will be the standard business size and will cause the print to be folded. Shipping via tube, your print will be rolled up and will be priced slightly higher. Shipping for both is included in the price.